What weapons fit in what category?

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    • What weapons fit in what category?

      The title says it all. :P

      Say I want something like a greatsword, how much do I have to go down the sword and shield path?

      Why are daggers locked on the bow path? ETC...
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    • I'd recommend unlocking all tier 3 nodes (e.g. Journeyman Warrior and Journeyman Leather Armor Fighter) as you get started - each of them should only take you some minutes to complete. It'll let you use all tier 3 equipment in the game.

      Afterwards you'll need to use a tier 3 of the weapon/armor of your choice for maybe 15 minutes to an hour to unlock the t4 variant (A lot less once you're more experienced) - you only need to do this for the items you actually want to use. If you're unsure what you want to use, you can mess around with various T3 weapons and armor and see what you'd like to use.

      Once you unlock T4 by reaching level 1 on the weapon/armor node (E.g. Sword Fighter), there's no further nodes to unlock and you keep racking up levels on whatever you're using. For example if you use a claymore, you level both "Sword Fighter" and "Claymore Specialization")