Game being weird

    • Game being weird

      So, every night at 04.00 UTC the game starts to crash when i go into a new zone, as dungeons, new map or city.
      I discovered that if i switch to my mobile internet it won't happen, but with my actual wifi still. You may think it's wifi problem, well, it's not, i can play every single game you can imagine but albion.
      The weird thing it is that always happen in the night 04.00 UTC aprox.
      Anyone having a weird game too?
    • Hey there,

      please make sure either the client is crashing (app closes and you're back on your phone main screen), or it is disconnecting (you're sent back to the login screen). The latter sounding more like your issue, in which case you can try to run a VPN during that period to see if it still occurs with a different routing to our servers.

      And I also recommend contacting your ISP to inquire about the regular connection losses around that time.