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    • Sethis wrote:

      The issue not in BH, but in the game mechanics that allows nonscaled true damage and poisons as well.
      Poison damage and true damage are scaled with damage modifiers. they MUST NOT. cleric robe+food+boots give +100% damage, it means that pure damage from BG E+poison do 300+510 damage alone. And your IP does not matter.
      Then we have thetford cape that has very poorly scaled with IP damage and is affected by damage modifiers as well. So 4.3 cape adds another 250 damage not linked with your gear or CD difficulty. So we have 1000 damage from E+cape+poison and 400-800 damage from Q+W that is scaled with IP. So BH can do 1400 damage in 4.2 or 1800 damage in 8.1 (because there is a soft IP cap on slayer). 6 times more expensive set adds only 28% damage.
      And no need to mention that 1400 damage is absolutely devastating on stalker mode where ppl have 2100-2200 HP
      I personally really dont like true damage. It´s a trash mechanic. Just remove it.

      The worst thing about true damage is that it just doesnt scale with IP. That means 4.0 deals same true damage as 8.3. That just sucks. It means it´s good at low IP ( such as t6), and it means its trash at T8.

      Just make it normal damage. Ez clap then. True damage is just trash and i don´t like it.
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    • First off, that's not the standard bh build. This is a bh off meta survival build.

      Second, that immortal skull is hard counter to bh..well, what u wanna show with it??

      Non IP scaling true damage, that does full 8.3 true damage on 4 flat is and will remain broken

      On Top the BH guy has 15 Mio PvP fame, that is rediculous as a pvp example..

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    • It should be a skill shot or require 3 stacks for the max damage. Either change chain slash or make the E harder to land. At the moment you cannot prepare any defences against the combo because there is no build up requirement. Once the black hand player has to think about how he's going to land that big E it becomes balanced. At the moment u just run up to a guy and initiate a 1000+ combo and there's nothing anyone can do about it (cleric cowl excused)
    • As I said the issue with BH is not in BH itself. I play this game since alfa an I remember how bad this game was. Developers cared only about zvz and crystal league. Every other aspect of pvp was so bad it is even hard to describe. Nobody gave a shit that there are builds that can kill pretty much everyone in seconds. The game existed in this state for years! Healing pots scaled with armour modifiers, mount mechanics, dagger skills. Almost every aspect of the game was ridiculously bad when it come to 1v1 or 2v2 fights. And it become obvious when hellgates were released and obvious for everyone since corrupted dungeons release. Many stupid things already fixed. And the next one should be true damage and poisons in particular. True damage scaled with damage modifiers and not scaled with IP - this is the issue. Many oneshot builds abuse this mechanic, pretty much everyone wearing cleric robe: cleymor, pike, trident. Deathgivers and paired daggers stacking poison damage through ambush, one handed daggers stacking it through jacket and royal shoes. 8.1 poison deals 600 damage alone ignoring armour on any IP level, even in flat 4, simultaneously busting other damage. This is the main issue. I hope devs will realize this eventually and make any true damage independend from damage modifiers as it was done with healing potions and healing abilities on armour.
      But then they should lower the poison cooldown, then ppl will start tu abuse it through royal jacket and boots and eventually they will make potions cooldown independent from cooldown modifiers:) maybe in next 2-3 years:)

    • u people gotta like learn how to play against a bh it rly isnt hard

      it really isnt that different from slayer but i feel like most of you are at stalker messing up ur resi pots, messing up ur purges, messing up ur hunter hoods, ghelms, boots, whatever other things u can possibly mess up. I don't even play pike and ya. What a blackhand loves is if you mess up one or more of your spells. You do that once and you will die it's the nature of daggers so really this is more of a get good kinda situation.

      I don't play blackhands is the funny part and I know this...

      Gacox wrote:


      one of the best frost, 9m of infamy, today reviewing his death profile I see this.

      Let a fool now come out to tell me that the black hands are not broken, that it has value after what was said in the forum and with this photo
      He made a mistake and he lost surprise surprise either that or armor of valor is bad against a bh, just wait it out and go in again ya

      Wait you don't like that image ofc you don't...he's 200 more ip! Alrighty let me see here...oh here we go!

      Don't forget capes are purge-able, this means if you're using martlock cape for example against a black hands that he may simply purge the capes ability. Also keeper cape is purgeable etc.
    • I dont know anything but have you ever tried any axe against black hands?. Literally you have only 1 chance to time your resist/giga potion perfectly to make it %50 win chance for yourself. Not everyone playing frost, mace , double merc, and some items like cleric cowl. Some builds literally just a playground for black hands especially for the black hands who do not use hellion shoes.

      Try to use Guardian Helm, Hunter hood and also dont have a burst damage against black hands, good luck.
    • its nearly impossible to win against the knight boots blackhands with cloth, when ure playing any cloth robe exxept cleric robe, the blackhands dmg is just way to high and cooldown so low. Back in the day when it was played with helloin shoes it was predictable butits impossible to react to the knight boots
    • ArgiVanMosing wrote:

      its nearly impossible to win against the knight boots blackhands with cloth, when ure playing any cloth robe exxept cleric robe, the blackhands dmg is just way to high and cooldown so low. Back in the day when it was played with helloin shoes it was predictable butits impossible to react to the knight boots
      That’s means “self balanced meta”
      The more BH ppl we face in CD- more ppl start to use such items like cleric robe /ice block/iframes etc
      That’s just rock-scissors-paper
      More rocks we see - more paper we use
    • Agreed. hey BTW, Have you ever encounter a 8.3 blackhand?... No?... Why? Because they don't need such a crazy damage to melt you instantly, all they need is a 4.1 blackhand to make a good fight against stronger tier... And guess what?... Still win easily.
    • Black Hands is very bad for the new player experience as they infest stalker.

      1) People playing black hands are gaining 0 PVP skills
      2) New players dying to black hands are getting them every 3rd fight and will probably just quit CD's. It took me many months as a new player to stop auto dying to them.