Faction ranks

    • The faction rank does influence two things:
      1. The higher the rank, the more bonus Faction Standing and Faction Points you receive. There are two bonuses to Faction Standing and Faction Points earned - one comes from how well the faction fares in the current campaign, the other depends on your rank. You can check these bonuses on your Personal Faction Warfare Overview screen - select Activities -> Faction Warfare -> third tab.
      2. The higher the rank, the more things you can purchase for Faction Points at your faction's Warmaster - look at the second tab of his screen. All items starting with Expert Cape Crest have a faction rank requirement - you need to have attained the specified rank in order to buy them. You can see at each item if you have fulfilled that requirement - if the progress bar is green with a "100%" across it, you're good. If not, the percentage shows how far you've come towards gaining the required rank. You can check your current rank and your progress towards the next rank at the Personal Faction Warfare Overview screen.

      You can speed up the rate at which you attain new ranks by reaching Daily Reward thresholds - as soon as you've collected 1250, 2500, and 5000 Faction Points you'll be rewarded with the same amount of Faction Standing which goes towards your rank progression.

      The faction ranks do not influence the Campaign Rewards - they get unlocked progressively each week (similarly to the Adventurer's Challenge rewards) and you need to earn the required number of Faction Points during the current campaign in order to claim them (the progress bar will tell you how much you've gained). You don't need to be of any particular rank to claim them, the only thing you do need is Premium status.
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