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    • Suggestion | Corrupted dungeons | Gear swap

      Hey guys. Novadays we have ban on changing gear whilst we are inside CD. But why it should be banned whilst you are the one and lonely in your own dungeon?
      If game would announce invasion, so the invaded person could regear before invasion into his pvp gear - nothing would change in case of PVP.
      But we'll have an option to LVL UP gear we want by taking the risk to loose two sets if we lose invasion part. I guess it would be fair.

      And one more: If braking crystals would cause Infamy loss, it would be problematic to RAT.
      You'll have options:
      1) to RISK your gear to try to save your Infamy or,
      2) to Secure your gear and loot by losing infamy by breaking crystals
      3) try to secure, but fail and lose: 1-2 x Crystal infamy + Gear + Loot + Death infamy loss

    • It would mean that everyone would have a speed clear build on them and then a pvp set meaning that it will be even more fame per hour (which is insane already). IMO its kinda nice the way it is, that you can have some good builds for pvp which are a nightmare for pve. What they should change is something like HGs have at the moment. Killing enemy in their dungeon/your dungeon would remove all mobs and there will be some xp drop at the chest. I do not see the point of invading someone at the beginning of the CD and then having to clear the whole dungeon to get to next fight. (Can of course keep the chest mobs and bosses up who wants side chests).
      IMO the current HG is rather nice implementation for this pvp based system.

      Infamy loss would have to be huge to make rats worry about it. If your only goal is to rat CDs then you really dont care that much about infamy (you will lose some fame/loot), but way less then dying to someone. If you lose more then dying to someone it will become impossible to escape any fights meaning that everyone who gets hard counters are screwed.
      So overall i think that would not be a good solution