Game dropped when get into new map

    • Game dropped when get into new map

      It takes longer time to load map especially when get into crowded map. And game dropped frequently when get into new map. It has appeared since yesterday and really bothered me.
      Did anyone have the same problem, or how to deal with it? I am really appreciating it.
    • For about 2 months this has been happening:
      Whenever I port in or out of a map (going to my island, going out of market or in to market, bank, etc, anywhere,) my screen goes black..sometimes for ten secs, sometimes up to 3 minutes, then it disconnects, then connects again. I cannot play my game I am paying premium for. And I am missing my rewards etc and fun playing my game. I have been a daily player for over a year. My ping this morning when I was able to get into the game was 123.
      Anyone one else having same issue? Does anyone know how to fix this? I am not a tecky person but I can follow instructions. Thank you for any help.