State of zvz: Buff boots of valor.

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    • State of zvz: Buff boots of valor.

      So right now, the zvz meta is a looot of stoppers, like, grailseeker or 1h frost. Basicly grailseeker its out of control, that E skill is just so good in zvz to stop the enemy engage. In open world you can engage, but when the fight gets to a choke area it is imposible for a dps ranged and specially melee to reach the enemie clumps. I think that the game needs more viable shoes to zvz, like for example Boots of valor, which are good shoes but, clearly needs a buff and it maybe would ve seen, or graveguard boots, maybe from 40% to 50% of speed. Right now, if u are a rdps or melee dps the most offten option is royal sandals, the best one i think.

      Just to simmarize:
      The state of zvz right now is centralized in stoppers and its so dificult to play against that due to the lack of good shoes for zvz which counters that stopper meta, like mentioned boots of valor, graveguard boots and so on. It would be good for the game if the devs rework some of the run skills just to give us more options to choose.
    • Knight helmet works against soulscythe, and windwalls, and that stuff that pulls you off, but against roots, stuns and slows it doesnt work, i think that the problem is that grailseeker lasts too much in the ground. The active time of the E skill should be shorter, but anyways it would be good for the game if we would get more options to adapt to certain comps and not just deppend on knight helmet.

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