I might want to Help

    • I might want to Help

      I am Breeze12 and I have been playing for a few months now and helping answer questions in the help channel. I would love to help update the Albion wiki, especially the part that makes newbie's want to start finding carrots just so they can have a riding horse or transport ox. :rolleyes:
    • Heya and welcome to the Albion Online Forum! =D

      As far as I know, everyone can edit wiki, just me sure to do it with wiki rules. =) Im glad to hear that you want help, that's awesome.

      Cya. <3
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      Wiki? Oh, yea we've got sth - wiki.albiononline.com

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    • Hello, @Breeze12!

      In order to log in to the Wiki, just use the same login and password you use on the forum or in the game!

      Don't forget to say "hi" to our resident Wiki Admin, @Clementine - she'll be glad to have another helping hand! I'm sure she'll help you out with things like Wiki rules and how to put your skills to the best possible use. Good luck!
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