BACK DOOR BANDITS are recruiting

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    • BACK DOOR BANDITS are recruiting

      BACK DOOR BANDITS Our goal is to have a healthy player group of highly skilled/experienced pvpers during the OCE/SEA time zones. We strive to have the ability to group with anyone in the guild and easily form a competent team for the content that is desired. Come join our guild and help us form a group of elites who are not elitist.
      Main play times are between 06-15utc.
      We do not have NAPs, we do not have an alliance, we do not have a HO.
      We are here to pvp with no strings attached.
      If you do not wish to join the guild, and would like more people to play with, feel free to join discord anyway.
      -100m PvP fame.
      -non toxic
      -a working mic
      -speak English