Sugestion, with love for SBI

    • Sugestion, with love for SBI

      This is a letter from a passionate man in Albion. I really love this game, immersion in a world, society and medieval guilds is something really amazing. I'm a veteran, unknown because I've always played my quiet game in mine, but I've taught a lot of people, more than 600 people have been encouraged by me to take a chance on albion. Even unknown, I know that I helped within what was in my reach the community of Albion to grow as well as many others in anonymity. And following that perspective I would suggest some changes for Albion to turn the best MMORPG of the decade.
      Please, I ask you to read

      PVE mechanism with PvP / PvP mechanism with PvE
      Justification: the problem that many PVE players face is in the middle of a Dungeons or a raid, or a world boss is fighting MOBS and PK's. It's not like people don't like to fight, it's that it's demotivating you to get caught without skills. that's why corrupt dungeons worked so well, just like hellgates. On the other hand, gradually the PK will have no one to kill because the Pves will no longer want to make the conteudo by such a fading.

      Sugestion: New approach
      All PvE content should be a difficult and fun fight against the MOB and when there is an Enemy, there must be a notification to the point of the Pve team being able to exchange builds or prepare skills for the confrontation, so it is possible to merge PVE/PVP builds and make the two contents.
      I'll give you an example, World boss, nowadays is something pleasurable to be done, but it is still possible to make mouse. In these environments there should be a Gate to break, which would need 20 people, otherwise as in the old 5x5 hellgates the gate mob gave Hitkill.
      I think all mobs should have unique skills that would be difficult to fight against, especially bosses.

      Maps anda Mobs
      the maps should be worked as unique, each map have an identity, each mobs be found on a given map, not be all the same, all maps have the same mobs, it is very copy and paste, this ends with the medieval side. If you search for heretics, they are found near the town of caerleon andm sand sites, are nomades of the saqueers.
      also on all maps have mine caves, where you find certain resource and mobs. for example in northern fortsterling there are caves where it is possible to find a spawm of a rare ore, but there are rumors of a creature protecting this ore. randomly respawn an ore boss, or spawn a single cave.
      in east lymhurst there are some unique MOBS, these mobs can drop a horn, if joining 200 horns it is possible to get a horn skin.
      To the west of fortsterling there is a cave that has wild polar bears, these bears when defeated can drop a cub and be sold to the leader of the fortsterling faction.
      these are small examples of how a live map full of adventures would make people look to walk and explore the map.


      Each city have a library with books recounting adventures with clues from where you get certain product.

      Example: ''Passing through Whitecliff Expanse a little to the north, I came across a crack, and following it, I found a crack, it was tight, but with effort I managed to get in, getting there I found a glow, it looked like gold coming from the inside of the crevice, the more I entered the light increased, when I reached the center of the light, I saw the shadow of what appeared to be a man , who had already lost his humanity, as there were few potions left of life, I did not have the courage to go deeper and returned to the city.

      Tavern should exist in all cities, with a player quest wall for players. With songs, with possibility to drink, etc. Example of a contract: as the person goes killing others he will generate a wanted pôster.
      kill 500 wild polar bear. this bear is only found in the black of lymhurst. Silver Reward
      Kill 1000 Bridgewatch players. Silver Reward. Medal
      Kill 5000 Hereges. when kill 5000 can face the boss
    • Facction

      should have done a rework in the outpost with doors to be broken and a place that benefits the defense, after all the fort has to help who is with him, and not be a mousetrap as it is today. The boss's FAME reward has to be something very good, so people want to do it because it's a good way to upar, in addition to the points of faction that it give. that would be a race for the outpost. Today it's annoying to be doing oupost, the fame is very low and the points of faccao are OK. ALém that it is not a big challenge to make the boss because it is always the same, and if you are going to make the pve the structure does not benefit you

      Castle and territory

      I would join castles to landings, make the territories with several gates to be broken with 3 floors and elevations. Also, per day these territory would accumulate one % of the silver generated and bottled energy, and whenever that territory was taken all the resources would be taken by the guild that conquers the territory. would remove the mage raid, and put everything in the CTA hour, so whoever takes the territory takes everything he accumulated for several days. an example the territory was 15 days in possession of guild X, generated 3000 bottled energy, all silver collected on the map generated 50% for the total map of 2kkde silver. Whoever takes the territory on the 16th day, takes 3000 energy and 2kk of silver. Only obviously the territory should have a structure with gates and etc. Nor should guildof the same alliance be allowed to take the landing of each other. At the primetime time of the map, all guild and alliance name tags were disabled.


      would create a guild system, which would make the regear, with deposit of items and silver in a bank on the guild island, bank would be a new building where it is possible to share items and silver between leaders and members. I would create a system where it is possible to create a team of gvg of the guild, various core. would create a better guild dashboard, showing status, messages of the day, announcements.


      through the closed teams, would create a ranking, players with statisks, weapons masi ogadas, KDA, name of the team's KDA team, team league.