Memorial Event for Funstealer. 16 May 2021 20:00 UTC

    • Memorial Event for Funstealer. 16 May 2021 20:00 UTC

      Funstealer Memorial Battle Royale Event

      You are invited!

      For those of you that never had the chance to meet Funstealer, he absolutely loved creating events for people to participate in and enjoy. He was very generous with his time and energy. Conflict is doing its best to recreate one of the most popular of them as a tribute to his memory. This event has been called a Battle Royale, a Last Man Standing, even a Hunger Games style event.

      We hope that you enjoy participating in it as much as we have had creating it for you. We feel that Funstealer would approve of our efforts. Maybe. He would probably find something to complain about. :D

      Thank you to everyone that is joining us for the event, and for helping us to make this a fitting tribute to the Funstealer that actually put so much FUN into the game for us..


      Conflict Guild

      This is a Last Man Standing, Winner take all event.


      This event is open to anyone that would like to participate. You just need to show up.

      Due to AOTV’s schedule, we will not be able to wait for people to update their Staging/Test server before the event. It is highly suggested that you update as soon as possible after server maintenance.

      Go to the appropriate “Stone” in any city of your choice and make sure that you Unlock all the trees on the Destiny Board.

      Muster in the designated location. All characters must be naked and carrying no gear, equipment or potions or mounts.

      Everyone MUST drop guild.

      At the announced time we will all go to the Realm Gate and teleport to the designated poral zone. From there you will directed where to go.

      All players will wait for the countdown to begin.

      Format for the Event.

      When you get the instructions to “GO” players will head out into the zone and look for chests that will have gear, food potions, in them. Your goal is to open chests and equip gear and begin to fight.Gear is randomly distributed and there is only a VERY rare chance of finding something resembling a full set.

      There will also be one chest with more powerful gear. But you will have to fight mobs to get to it.

      You can only compete with gear that is in the zone. The use of any unauthorized gear will result in your disqualification.

      When you die you are eliminated from the event and can no longer participate. As more players get eliminated the area that you can fight in will be reduced. You must proceed to the smaller area of the map as soon as possible or risk elimination.

      The Prizes for the Winner are worth 50 million at the time of posting.

      1) 3K Siphoned Energy
      2) Unicorn Skin
      3) Gold Beetle Battle Mount
      4) Venom Basilisk
      5) Snow Husky Mount.

      The winner will be able to pick up his prizes on the Live Server following the Event.

      **Update In Honor of Funstealer being a Proud Canadian we are also including a Moose Mount as one of the Prizes.**
      Good luck and Good skill!
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