Does the location of a guild is chosen random or does the citys give special benefits ?

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      That doesn't depend on it. A lot of guilds are in different cities because of alliances at Outlands.
      However, every city has special crafting bonuses, which You can check by clicking on the city and then opening the tab (right top corner).

      Also, that can depend on faction or gathering... But if you want to find a guild, You can always go there: Guild Recruitment .

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    • There' no such thing as "guild location". A guild island (if a guild has one) is located somewhere (in one of the cities on the Royal Continent), but this doesn't necessarily mean this is where most of the guild members operate from. This is especially true for the guilds that conduct most of their operations from a Hideout in the Outlands or in the Roads of Avalon... which, as far as I know, is how most guilds operate these days.

      That said, there's a number of reasons why certain guilds choose one of the Royal cities as their primary one. Most of these reasons are convenience-based - their Outlands HO or territory may be located on a map that is fairly close to a Realmgate portal connecting to one of the cities, their gatherers and crafters might be specializing in things for which the city gives production bonuses, they might be doing some faction warfare for a certain faction because they want to have access to its capes and mounts, or if a guild is "based" in Caerleon, there's a good bet they do a lot of ganking and use the Black Market extensively. The exact reasons probably vary from guild to guild, but most will go along one of these lines.
      I would not hazard a guess whether or not Bridgewatch has the least guilds "based" there currently (from what I heard, Thetford is also not so crowded as of late), but as you can see, ranking a city by the number of guilds in it can be very misleading, given the diversity of reasons why certain guilds choose certain cities. As soon as you find a guild for yourself, you'll begin figuring out how this works.

      A side note: somewhere down the line you might wish to move your personal island from one city to another. This is possible, and not really complicated: you just need to deconstruct all the buildings on the island (you'll get 90% material back), take everything out of your island (store it in a bank for the duration) and abandon the island in one city, then travel to another city and buy an island there - you'll only pay the basic fee (some 18k silver) and the upgrade level will carry over: if you abandon a Level 4 island, the one you buy will be Level 4 as well - and then rebuild everything as it were (just bring those 10% material you need to top up the cost!). If you ever become a guild master, you can do the same with a guild island, but beware - guild island upgrade level does not carry over: if you abandon a Level 6 Guild Island, you buy back a Level 1 one, and you work your way back up from there.

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