A simple suggestion to knight armor.

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    • A simple suggestion to knight armor.

      Currently knight armor is a really strong item in Corrupted Dungeons and the planned nerf is needed, but balancing game around one single instanced content is dumb.
      Knight armor was completely fine for YEARS and the nerf of the duration would destroy it in open world/ZvZ's.
      Many suggested both here in the forums and AO subreddit to make changes only inside the Corrupted Dungeons, but lets be honest, it would kill the sandbox aspect of the game (instanced content already does a bit).
      And here comes my suggestion.
      Reduce the duration from 4s->2s, BUT extend for 0.5s/0.33 for every enemy PLAYER it hits up to 4s total duration.
      It would nerf it in CD's as people usually get knocked back once, but 90% of the time a well placed windwall would function the same in ZvZ's.
      Thanks for reading my thinkings. Let me know what you think.