So, I've heard both Crafting & Gathering are very low profit atm, true?

    • So, I've heard both Crafting & Gathering are very low profit atm, true?

      Basically I've heard things said in videos and posts and would like to confirm what people believe.

      I've heard Gathering is very low profit due to the amount of bots currently farming nodes. Is this accurate?

      I've heard Crafting, even at full 100's in all areas of a craft is low profit negative profit as the material costs are greater than the product sale price due to quality making no notable difference until masterpiece?

      I know focus could potentially earn a profit, but I assume it's safe to say that beyond the available focus for a day you're better off just solo dungeon farming?
    • There are players for which both of these things are true, and players for which both of these things are untrue. The take away is that the better you are at doing things in this game the more money you make, and the worse you are at them the less money you make.

      If your idea of gathering is never going further than 2 zones away from a city or realmgate, you will not have a great time earning piles of silver. Because that is the easiest area to get to, and so is the most overcrowded, causing a huge amount of competition for nodes. To get money from gathering you want to compete for nodes with the fewest amount of people possible.

      Crafting is the same way. If you sit in a city and buy refined resources from sell orders, craft random stuff in that city and try and sell it in that city, you aren't going to have a great time. If you figure where and how to buy things, how to move them around to the right places efficiently, what to craft and where, and then where to sell it. You end up doing ok, focus or not. Focus is just the EZCRAFTING button.
    • I dont think there are many bots for the higher tier resources because they would just get killed. I know people in game who makes mountains of silver by gathering and crafting. But I think you have to enjoy it because as far as I can tell being a top gatherer doesn't make you any more money than say being a top CD player or PvE player does.
    • I have 100 spec with all plate boots, when I'm using 20k focus point and craft t8 soldier boots the profit is around 3m+ include journals, exclude masterpiece. Can be bigger if you go to martlock bz and use the public hideout(bigger return bonus for plate boots). Always use kraken salad for better crafting quality.
      I can't say this is the best profit, but worth it.
    • well gathering is always good if your guild have access to t7 t8 maps or you know how to use roads. Crafting without focus gives profit only if you know what to craft for the blackmarket and you buy resources at low price, if you are not experienced with that don t waste your time :D