Corrupted dungeons

    • Corrupted dungeons

      This is impossible to play, you cut axes at 0, but you do not cut the fucking poles when all the top infame is playing on them. Impossible to win and impossible to escape. Why then are these crystals needed if it is impossible to escape from this debris? Everyone who comes to me has a pole. The delay E on bear paws is generally awful, not to mention W. The only class where W is completely useless. I liked to fight on bear paws, but now it is impossible to do. Please do something about it.
    • 1/ Quarterstaff is OK now with massive nerfed on it's mobility, a lot of thing can chase it down and kill it now, it's not free reset 100% anymore.

      2/ You could break shards and skip staff pre nerf. There's no reason that you can't now when they are much slower.

      3/ Bearpaw is doing OK, they are still very strong, Bearpaw was just like QS with the mobility for free reset. Mobility nerf is fair. It's still fast, just not as fast. Delay on Bear Paw is not awful considering its damage and cooldown, there're spell that's even slower.

      P/S: "all the top infame is playing on them" this is not true. Top infamy players were playing staff pre nerf, not currently.
      When you check the leaderboard and see a QS, most of the kill is May 6 or before (pre nerf). It's only been a few day after the nerf, that's why the leaderboard is still packed with them.
      Max spec 700/700 in staff, hammer, mace, and spear tree.
      Max spec 800/800 in all head, chest, shoes pieces.
      Max spec potions crafters.

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    • Okay, the e of the legs does not have the damage that people say they have, and the key of the axes is mobility but it is the worst class, bad in mobility and bad melee

      I think the W has to be left in full duration and remove the standtime

      do not be discouraged by 4 heaters who are escapists who criticize your post, there are always those