Reassess axes and swords

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    • Reassess axes and swords

      The swords are out of goal and it goes without saying how lacking it is so that it can be in it.

      The axes on the other hand seem to me together with the swords, the funniest weapons in the game.

      But after the patch it has been destroyed. Currently they only serve swords and axes if the fight was static and they would still lose against normal bow, fire, ice, curse, etc.

      The Standtime of the E does not make any sense. The new W is rubbish, the axes need mobility, since they need to reach the enemy while he is already doing damage.

      Can SBI tell me how to face a bow, ice, fire, etc. if I can't get closer?

      Everyone can stop the E in a simple way and the arc can not only stop it but move me away to deny my W with an overwhelming single.

      I think axes need the full mobility W to be able to fight and the elimination of standtime in the E of the legs.

      I think the swords need a complete rework.

      If your plan to nerf the W was to reduce the escapists, I think you have failed, there are currently more.

      :thumbsup: Bloodletter, Royal Jacket, Cultist Helmet, and Custom Boots :thumbsup:


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    • Good evening everyone, Thank you @Gacox hopefully @Retroman read this I'm glad about the rework of BattleAxe E even though I miss now in critical moments cause it's a skill shot which is ok for me
      but the W-Adrenaline Boost is totally trash now when you fight someone with blink or knockback ability, can you do it like if we successfully land 1 auto-attack to a player it stays for 7 seconds, and if its use against mobs it's gone after 2.5 seconds if we don't continuously auto-attack so we can't use it to escape instead use it to fully engaged right?
      Greataxe E buff to be an uninterruptible really good! then they nerf raging blades which partner Whirlwind as a great combo that deals a huge damage
      What's new in Raging Blades if you are inside the circle it doesn't do damage now why make it long-range when we are a melee that needs to stay on top of someone to win a fight.
      Rending Strike Base Damage is higher than Rending Rage. Rending Strike a total beginner can use this then we go to Rending Rage that you need to be level 85 in Axe Tree to get it why is that? I mean you already fix this but it's back again after the patch.
      I don't know if this is an error/bug/problem but I tried using Rending Strike with 184 base damage and I hit a mob deals 97 dmg and then I used Whirlwind base damage is 259 per hit but only deals 90 per hit
      I also tried it in the player in leather armor rending strike stays the same dmg 97 but whirlwind just increased by 3 which hits for 93 per tick.
      if this is right can someone explain it here. Thank you in advance.