Raging Blades (Axe) pretty useless skill now

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    • Raging Blades (Axe) pretty useless skill now

      It's very unreliable skill now. The idea to work in rings was pretty bad, because it hardly works as aoe skill now. Mobs and players position themselves in different distance and it only works at specific distance. You also must maintain the distance for whole duration or you will just get 1 or 2 hits. While it already didn't have much damage it is pretty bad now, not really worth using anymore.
    • Fucking true, this whole patch is just a big shitshow for anyone running axes. Raging Blades? Social distance to get anything good, Rendering spin? Social distance to stack bleeds, Adrenaline? You have to smack a mob like how you smack your mom just to get it to work. Its all shit. This needs a hotfix
    • I don't know what's going on but Albion quality goes down since CTA included, it was very bad patch, removed lots of cool features and put ridiculous war in place, now this Axe changes, I don't really get the thinking of developers. Why break things that work and don't need changing ? Something bad must be going with devs team, you should take care of this while you can and remove people that screw things.
    • 100% agreed. The 2.5m minimum distance on raging blades is absolute overkill. With a lot of mobs and melee weapons you cant even hit them from melee range. Unless you're constantly running away, the w doesn't connect at all. If you are running away, it connects half the time.
      In a similar vein, the rending spin circle is broken. Most of the red designated area doesnt count as a full hit, it only does if the target is standing in the outer edge of the ring. If you want to limit what parts of the circle apply the bleed and the increased damage, okay. But if you're going to make it such a narrow ring then visibly designate the narrow ring, not a deceptively broad one around it.