Patch 4 10v10 hellgates feedback

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    • Patch 4 10v10 hellgates feedback

      Going to keep it simple:

      The good:
      -Lots of teams instant match ups.-Great change this is what we wanted instant and constant fights.
      The bad:
      -Pve chests are pure garbage ranging within 20-60k/chest I don't see how can this be an incentive to go in?We used to get 200-400k before patch.
      -The new buff fixed chests color but at the same time we now actually receive less loot than before the patch because the most common pvp win chests are those of lesser colors and they are between 300-500k rather than the previous 900k-1m so I don't understand how is this supposed to attract new pvpers to the gates?How does this even qualify for a loot buff?This is a legit big nerf.