“No Off-Hand” as a Skin Choice

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    • “No Off-Hand” as a Skin Choice

      Firstly, I would like to congratulate the devs for the “no cape” and “no head” skins!
      Now I finally love my character!

      Now my suggestion: you guys could do the same for the Off-Hand items.

      Also, it would be great to have a skin specific to the main general classes of weapons: a cool small wand to replace the look of those huge magic staffs; an epic gorgeous sword for the sword users; and so on.

      Make even more skins, devs (I personally love those recent mage and death ones, btw)! People love them; sell them for gold. I, and many other, I’m sure of it, would pay real money for a particular one we were in love with.
      For instance: I love the look of that cloth mage chest, it’s smart and simple, but I don’t want to wear that gear; that particular look, for exemple, could be turned into a skin and something else ugly could replace that cloth chest gear’s look, if that’s the case.

      Another idea, a bit more extreme: is to not have a particular look attached to the gears themselves. The look could be always only a skin choice. Sell them for gold, that would move the silver/real $ market even more than it is currently.