Patch 4 Brings Big Hellgate and Balance Changes

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    • Patch 4 Brings Big Hellgate and Balance Changes

      Call to Arms Patch 4, AKA the Call to Arms Balance Patch, is here! First and foremost, this patch brings big changes and improvements to all types of Hellgates, including massively increased rewards, improved matchmaking, an automatic cooldown reset after invasion, and streamlined knockdown mechanics.

      Additionally, Patch 4 brings a huge array of Combat Balance Changes across numerous weapon and armor lines, along with updates and improvements to Faction Warfare, the 20v20 Crystal League, the Black Zone Fame Buff, and more.
    • Gabumon wrote:

      The changes include Vile Curse and Haunting Screams changes that were removed, is this intended or an error in documentation?
      The changes went through, Retroman mentioned that they will look at these changes and possibly make adjustments in Patch 5.

      - Hellements

      Retroman wrote:

      Thanks everyone for your feedback on the combat balance changes.

      We heard your feedback on some of the more controversial changes, which are:

      • Rending Spin (all Axes):
        • Rending Bleed stacks: now only applied via max distance effect (i.e. 2.5m or further away)
      • Vile Curse (all Cursed Staffs):
        • Cast Range: 9m → 11m
      • Haunting Screams (Cursed Skull):
        • Magic Damage per tick: 25 → 33

      We will re-iterate on these changes. However we don't want to delay Patch 4 further since it has so many other changes that we really want to get out into the live game as soon as possible. If we make further changes in Patch 4, we would delay the whole upload to live-process by another week. And since none of these changes are game breaking in our opinion, patch 4 will go live with these changes as it is. However we heard your concerns and will review them one more time and potentially revert or adjust these specifc changes in patch 5.

    • Hellements wrote:

      The changes went through, Retroman mentioned that they will look at these changes and possibly make adjustments in Patch 5.
      Yeah, but then he also updated the NDA post and struck-through all those items making it look like they were being reversed or removed from the update. The change to Rending Spin is god awful. Between just general ping and the lack of precision from the indicator, this basically just forced me to use Q1 on axe 100% of the time for however many weeks it'll take for Patch 5. Awesome.
    • While I do appreciate the pandering to ancient bridge trolls because "muh daggers", the change to rending spin is out of line. If the target is in the already much much smaller hit zone, it should apply a bleed. You know, the cornerstone of axe builds? Especially now that the battleaxe E relies so heavily on bleed stacks.
    • Hello and thank you for all of the changes in Hellgates !

      I would like to add, apart from the already known problems, that the reset of the cds when the mobs start to disappear makes us proc the bridgewatch and demonic capes (thetford also but it is not very important). This means that if by the time the PvP starts we are fighting, there is no chance of stopping using auto attack and avoid proc the capes.

      It would be necessary to add a delay to the reset, it means that the reset should occur AFTER the mobs have disappeared.
      Hope that is making sence and hopefully it will be fix very soon. Before the patch the capes procs before a fight was very annoying but now it's a nightmare.