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    • I'm new. I suck at Albion. Anyone willing to help me learn how to play?
      My name on Albion is: howfastcanigo

      I can speak English fluently and Russian to an extent where I could hold a conversation with minimal discomfort (can not read Cyrillic)

      So be a bro and help me out plz thx :saint: :thumbsup:

      Also, if it is somehow interesting you I was born in Ukraine (I don't have an accent tho)
    • Hello, how have you been?
      Regardless sucking at Albion... Welp that's not rare .

      Quick suggestions: avoid joining random guilds that only steal your dungeon's money.
      Learn to craft and check how to manage an island(s).
      Try all weapons, pick something cool to fame farm/fight [dps Is the easiest solo, healer/tank if you have stable party that carry you] (eventually, once advanced you'll have ability to play diverse roles).
      Check faction warfare/points.
      This game can be played solo, but honestly Is way fun when you associate with the right people (even make friends).
      Premium IS important to have.

      Good luck, reach me in game if you feel like it.