First day playing: Questions

    • First day playing: Questions

      Hello. Other than briefly trying Wow, I only have MMO experience with Runescape, primarily oldschool. So if you can compare stuff to OSRS that will help me figure it out

      What time are the servers down daily: (5-6AM CST?)

      What is the best way to find a guild for absolute noobs?

      Where is the best place to look for beginner guides that aren't too advanced? I'll click away as soon as they mention 'endgame' lol.

      How long should I play before buying premium / is it possible to play without premium?

      Thanks a lot!
    • Hi and welcome!

      Maintenance: 10am to 11am UTC every day (sometimes only 30 mins long)

      Guild: This forum + in-game recruitment channel

      Guides: Official guides + lots of content on youtube. From "playing day1, day2, day3.." to "how to make millions in albion..."

      Premium: It is possible to play without premium but I would not recommend it. Buy your first premium for $ and then look for a guide on youtube on how to make money. It's quite easy to buy premium with in-game money. If you are planning to play a lot, you can even buy your first premium with silver...
    • Some follow up information on guilds. Please don't accept random guild invites. Some of them are legitimate but others have high tax rates on the silver that you farm from mobs. Research your guild carefully because there is a 3 day cool down after joining a guild before you can join a new guild. EG: You join Guild A, and find out that it has an insanely high tax rate. You leave immediately. You have a 72 hour cooldown before you can join Guild B.

      In this game it is fine to go solo for a little bit. It will give you time to figure out what you want to do, what resources you might want to gather, or gear you may want to craft. Please be aware that each city has a refining bonus for a specific resource and also a crafting bonus for specific types of gear.
      Good luck and Good skill!
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