Question/rant about armors stats, need some advice

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    • Question/rant about armors stats, need some advice

      Hello guys. Albion online is very fun, and i am enjoying it very much. I been playing different characters and trying new builds. Sometimes i will get bored and change or delete characters, but ti's fine, i love supporting this game.

      NOW my question is the following - I notice that guardian armor feels very good for solo play and for corrupted dungeons, as well as making you ungankable when riding a boar or sometimes an armored horse - My question is - is is guardian armor good for new players or is it a trap ? i know merc armor seems pretty good too for damage anyways.

      My story is - I like to do a lot of soloing, and i cant decide if guardian armor is better for solo content or merc armor is better for solo content. I love swords, spears, and fire staffs. I find that the armor and magic resist is VERY GOOD in this game, but defense doesn't seem as impressive. Sometimes i'll use cleric robe for PvE content, but i find that cleric robe is not very good for PvP because it's squishy, and you cant really 1v2 very well even with the W shield invincible. I do notice that in group content, it's easier to gear armor for respective roles, but for a solo player like my self, i think the strong tankiness helps with 1v2 or avoiding a ganking or something.

      I been testing different head gear. I don't like guardian helmet very much unless i am doing corrupted dungeons, but i prefer scholar cowl ...again... because energy shield gives armor and magic resist, it gives mana, and it gives 3.5 damage and healing passive , which is very nice.

      I also been looking at boots. There is a lot of options as boots, too much to write. I also love merc armor because it gives a nice amount of healing on E and decent damage but not so good armor and magic resists.

      I do love dashes and i love some cc, but cc gets negated a lot of cc resistance and fort sterling cape. I think dashes are amazing but man they make you immobile in red zones and black zones i think. I rather use a long sprint rather than a dash.

      I don't like defense. I like armor and magic resist, and i love damage. I am still testing things for my solo player experience. I am a noob sorry and i been told in help channel to gear for abilities, not passive numbers.

      But yea, i am indecisive about what armor set up i want to use. I think ima do spear, merc chest / and maybe cloth helm cloth boots. I really don't like defense, i feel it's a worthless stat. I also feel like damage is very good, but it comes at a cost of your important survive stats - Armor and magic resist. I think scholar cowl will get a huge nerf soon. The energy shield is just amazing for survival and mana recovery. I also love Damage resistances. Very good stat as it adds to mr and armor.

      Thanks for reading, and if you post something, thanks for any feedback / positive negative that you give me. I will keep trying and testing stuff. Much love <3
    • Hey @Zenbeing

      Generally speaking here's a guide on choosing what armor to use in-game.

      Plate armor - Has lesser bonus to damage (physical and magical), but has more damage and magic resistance, provides the most CC duration and has the most HP regen.
      Leather armor - Is the middle-ground between plate and cloth armor, has decent bonus to damage, some cc resistance, some cc duration, and has decent HP regen.
      Cloth Armor - Has the most bonus to damage (physical and magical). has the least amount of damage and magic resistance, has bonus to healing cast, and has the least HP regen

      If you're going to match it with a weapon, consider what the weapon does and how it will synergize with the armor you want to use. Generally, Swords and Spears benefit more from Leather and Cloth armors, while Maces, Hammers and Quarterstaffs benefit more from Plate armors. Firestaffs users benefit more from Cloth armors due to the damage bonus. Consider the boots and helmets as a utility to further compliment your build. Capes are used for the unique abilities that synergize with your build (ex: stun from a weapon and DOT from the cape) and the boost to your energy regen rates.