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    • Blackzone dungeons/statics/Avalonians and hideouts


      I am the GM of a small guild called Savage. Yes many know us as the blackzone group that ganks with great lethality. Yet, one area of the game that seems to have a black spot.. no pun intended..

      and it is the ability for groups to exit dungeons with a bubble that takes them safely to the nearest hideout. Although I may be speaking with a bias here, does it make sense for people leaving a static dungeon to have a bubble the full way to a hideout? Or maybe does this seem like a little too safe a way to generate fame? Perhaps losing the bubble after 5 seconds of leaving a secure area?

      Avalonians are notoriously safe. The gate mechanic and the scouts on entrance make them just about impossible to gank without knowing prior to them starting the map. I suggest here simply increasing the A out timer and not allowing them to A out before at least one gate has been destroyed.

      Group dungeons share the same issue as statics. For example some zones have 6-8 hideouts so you're never far from one such that getting ganked is pretty difficult.

      Stats wise we're one of the more efficient groups for killing people, so saying we need to get better is fine, but also doesn't make a lot of sense.

      Thanks! Just my thoughts.
    • First never heard of Savage
      Second gankers can just camp statics, so bad idea.
      Third nobody will run avas anymore, so now content both for PvP and PvE Players. Diving avas needs a lot of skill but totally worth your time.
      We dove a lot of avas just by randomly Roaming maps and massing fast.
      Or blue army using scouts who leave ava Party after first Boss and clap 19 PvE Noobs.
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