In Memoriam: Funstealer

    • In Memoriam: Funstealer

      Hi everyone,

      You may have already come across the information that an active member (and brother to many) of the Albion community, Funstealer, recently passed away from COVID-19. We, the whole team here at SBI, are deeply saddened by this news. Funstealer was with us for a very long time and was always very dedicated to the game and its community.

      There were a number of us who had frequent interactions with him and remember him fondly. He was the kind of guy who just rocked up and let his opinion be known without any frills. What you see is what you get. He was a grumpy fun stealer, but also a great fun giver. He loved events - both participating in them and running them for his guildmates, such as Albion Battle Royale, and he even came up with the concept of Albion Football! He was there when we organized the first Crystal League Championship, joking to ease the stress away, yet critically examining the rules, encouraging us on the production and always hopeful that more events would occur.

      He was a tough one to please:

      “Bob was fun, wish there was more bosses tho”

      “u thought u could distract us with this forum contest, now give us what we really want - details on new season and map!”

      But you could be sure that he cared a lot about the community and just wanted to make it a better place, with more fun for all involved. He had sooooo many ideas and I wish we could still have the opportunity to hear them.

      Funstealer, we will miss you dearly. You’ve clearly been a part of many people’s lives and will always be remembered in the world of Albion. Rest in peace, friend.

      - Mytherceria & SBI Team

    • For those of you who are interested in helping, here is a link to the Go-Fund-Me account that has been set up to help his family. Funstealer worked to support his mother who is also in the hospital with Covid-19.…mpaign=p_lico+share-sheet

      Rest in Peace Fun. You will be missed by many of us.

      Update: We have just learned that Funstealer's mother has also passed away due to complications from Covid-19. The GoFundMe has been updated to reflect this.
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    • From the first time I met Funstealer to the last time we spoke he'd always be giving the breakdowns of why certain things should be changed or added or why they shouldn't, the man cared DEEPLY about our game and the community and put the effort in to fix and help build it.

      I'll miss the meme's in the twitch chat with the NA coverage on every stream, if I needed something answered he'd always be there dropping his knowledge in an instant.

      He is a massive part of this community and will be missed deeply, my thoughts are with his friends in Conflict and his family.

      R.I.P my homie. ;( <3
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    • Albion won't be the same without Funstealer. He was here from the beginning and supported the game like no other.

      He was critical, belligerent, and irritable, yet he was also honest and generous. He constantly berated me for my mistakes and badgered me daily about not covering NA content yet he also donated so much to AOTV that I had to stop taking player donations. (I still have 20 horses he gave me for free2play)

      He organized and ran complex events that took hours to set up knowing he would get no benefit or even be able to participate simply because he believed others would have fun.

      Funstealer, was both an appropriate name in that he would destroy your poorly thought out plans and also totally inappropriate as no one spent more time making fun for others with so little benefit to self.

      I will miss you my brother RIP
    • He was a great and close friend to some of us and some met him in other circunstances, i think the phrase "you get what you see" applies perfect to him, we will definitely miss him.
      He was the kind of person that would do what he though was right, for the right reasons, even if the "right" reasons were questionable, it would be his reasons and he would for sure let you know.

      At the end, doesnt matter what he would be arguing about, what he could complain or laugh about, he was a HUGE hearted person, that only cared about making the game better, make people have fun and would tell you the truth just as sharp as the edge of that spear he wasnt able to use in the GvGs.

      Little mattered if he was able or not to get to do some of the activities i am sure he would have lot to in game, he would encourage other peoples to do so and take the opportunity, you couldnt escape from phrases like "if you wanna be good at GvG, just dont suck"

      We also played together so many other games and shared a very dense dark sense of humor hahaha in which i guess we could relate a lot, even though our personalities would be so different, deeply we were brothers for sure.

      Rest in peace fun, we will definitely carry you over in our hearts on to this other hardcore sandbox rpg game called real life, in which you also had a big impact.
      We will miss you.
    • Shalako wrote:

      Is there an actual obit anywhere (I looked and did not find) or merely an online presence that's disappeared and a webpage asking for money?
      Hi Shalako,

      It today's world of scams I understand the skepticism. However, I can attest to the news of Fun's passing and the legitimacy of the Go fund me. If you read the updates within the Go fund me you can see why the obituary is delayed.
      Funstealer had a small family and his mother also passed last night from COVID. His sister is overwhelmed and doing the best she can right now. I spoke to her this morning and she thanked the Albion Online community that played along side Funstealer and for what they are doing to support her right now.

      I understand this may not be the proof you are looking for but as one of AOs oldest Guild Masters I would not put my name on a scam.

      Thank you,
    • Where there's Tom people think Jerry, When people think of Microsoft Bill Gates comes to mind.

      I never knew Funstealer personally, However whenever any players from release think about Albion Online/Forum/Albion TV I know Funstealer is a name many think of. Its a damn shame when any life is lost, however Funstealer was part of the Albion Online community when it was still small, and continued to stay in touch with the game for the whole duration (afaik).

      It's hit me even when I didn't know the dude, such a well known figure has left our ranks, like i said any life lost is a bad but an Albion Online brother lost is horrible.

      RIP Funstealer, my condolences to the family.
    • Funstealer always gave me words of encouragement for the problems I had and made me laugh, I'm really going to miss him, unfortunately, we lose the best people in the worst ways, I hope his family and his friends are being strong because losing a great person like he was, it's very difficult than we can say, I appreciate him a lot and he will be in my "ofrenda" in Mexico this year, king of albion, always in our hearts fungiver <3

    • I've thought long and hard over what I'd like to say about Funstealer. He was my friend. I called him my Grumpy Canadian, and the Most Un-Canadian Canadian I'd ever had the privledge/misfortune to meet. :D He loved his cat, Rambo and would send you a picture of him at the drop of a hat.
      He was a confidante, he was someone you could complain to and either get good advice or told that you were totally off your rocker. Funstealer had no middle ground. If he liked you, He liked you. If he didn't like you. He would tell you to "Hoop it". He could hold a grudge like there was no tomorrow.

      Our last real conversation wasn't really a conversation as much as it was a shouting match. We were going at each other like a couple of banshees, over a former guild mate that I had invited back to the guild. He had asked to come back and Funstealer was still holding a grudge because the guy emptied some chests that the 2 of them shared and left the guild, during BETA 1 in 2016! Our fight was epic. It was full of cursing and swearing, name calling and all the good stuff that makes up a voice com fight. There were several people that came into the room only to leave as it got more heated. But there was a method to my madness. All of that yelling and shouting had one goal in mind. To get Fun to the point that he could see how silly his grudge really was. And he did. By the time the shouting was done he was laughing at both himself and at me.

      You see, Funstealer didn't like "yes men, or women" He loved a good argument or fight if that's what it came down to. He wanted you to be strong enough to stand up for yourself and what you believed in. I am so so very happy that I had that last epic fight with him, because he enjoyed it so much. Fun's official decree was that the player could come back but he could never be higher than a recruiter in the guild.

      Thank you Funstealer for all the interesting times and all of the events you hosted. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being my friend. You had the biggest heart in all of Albion all wrapped up in a grouchy exterior. I hope that you find everything you ever wanted on the other side. Your presence will be missed by more people than you could have possibly believed. Bright blessings my Grumpy Canadian Friend!
      Good luck and Good skill!
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    • sabota2k wrote:

      Why don't you guys look upon his records and make the T8 version of his more used weapon named after him?
      Its a terrible name for a weapon so I hope not.

      Maybe an in game memorial in his home city would be more appropriate, and visible to more players.

      Either way, RIP.
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    • I don't think I ever met or spoke to him, but I knew of him and probably read a post or two from him in my journeys here on the forum. I was sad to learn of his passing, and agree it would be nice to name something after him, be it an item, or a quest or something. 'Fun Stealer' would actually be a good name for a future expedition! I envision a Heretic expo, where they are "having too much fun stealing from people" and the party has to go stop them.

      Here is something weird. As many of us probably do, I have Albion dreams. This morning I had a dream I saw him in game. I think it was in Bridgewatch. Since I wasn't friends with him it had to have been because I had read this thread prior and it stuck in my mind. My condolences to those who were close with him, and to everyone affected by this terrible pandemic.