mid tier full loot hellgate request

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    • mid tier full loot hellgate request

      Before the hellgate change, there was low IP and high IP full loot hellgates.

      The new hellgates are nice, but there is only high tier item full loot or non-full loot.

      As the new hellgates have some corrupted dung flavor to them, would it be possible to have a similar 3 tier system that CD have ?
      for example:

      Blue/Yellow - knockdown + low tier full loot(7-900ip cap)
      Red/Black - low tier + high tier full loot (higher IP req)

      Could be a selection option when entering like with CDs.

    • t7 is fairly accessible, but the quality of teams running 5s hgs are a lot higher than they were before due to the removal of rats and more consistent matchmaking. Spooky crystal players coming out of the woodwork and average teams don't have a place to go (nonlethal is gross).