Claws or Dagger Pairs

    • Claws or Dagger Pairs

      So recently I am starting to think getting into PvP, and daggers piqued my interest cause they deal the highest damage out of all the melee weapons, and I really like melee weapons.

      But I was wondering which of the non-artifact daggers are the best for Solo PvP? (I am mainly talking about Corrupted Dungeons and some solo dungeon diving, NOT over-world 1v1, that belongs to gankers). I don't really have a big bank yet so I am not confident enough to invest in artifacts.

      I expect the 1h dagger would be quite meh in PvP, especially due to the fact how lame AA is in this game and also the disadvantages of a melee AA'er.

      But I am confused among the Dagger Pairs and Claws. Which one among them is better? I expect the Claws to be better for ganks but NOT for PvP, especially if skills like Cleanse can counter it? Or does it have even more counters?

      The Dagger Pairs, on the other hand seems to be a better choice when you wanna quickly kill targets. But I am unsure if their E has some counters as well that are worse than Claws. Any veterans would like to help me out?

      For the Armor set-up naturally the whole Assasin setup seems too good for the Dagger-line, I don't think I will even need to switch out the head or boot pieces to something else.

      Help is much appreciated, would really like to know the pros and cons of both these weapons and which one is better for 1v1
    • Blackhands are cheap, give high IP and u don't even need hellion shoes. On top u don't need cape

      Blackhands give super high risk reward result and the combo is hilarious easy to play

      BH build cost 20% of dagger pair if u take cape and t6 into account which u need for non arti ..arti 4.x is sufficient and has all skills
      • Claws: Mostly for ganking, not terribly good for 1v1s. You can do some memes with them where you bait your opponent into lava pools or mobs and the immobilize them with claws, but apart from that they're quite weak.
      • Bloodletter: A very popular choice for corrupted dungeons, high mobility and still brawls fine. You can run a few setups with this, commonly used with brawl gear.
      • Black hands: Also very popular, but most people will run it with a fairly specific setups (For example: assassin hood, cleric robe, hellion shoes).
      • Deathgivers: Works okay, but infrequently seen as it's not as strong, fairly expensive and quite technical to play.
      • 1h daggers: Can work in high IP fights with a shadow edge/royal helmet stun oneshot combo, but it doesn't work very well in stalkers and low slayers.
      • Dagger pair; Works good, there's a few ways to play them, but most commonly you'd run a reset build where you dump your combo on your opponent, disengage, reset and go back in to finish the job.
      • Bridled Fury: Expensive and not very useful for corrupted dungeons. Used in some ZVZ lineups, but not very strong in 1v1s.

      Disclaimer: I'm not a corrupted dungeon guru or anything, but I play daggers and have some understanding of the current meta.

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