Was anyone else banned with the following message: "ban evasion"?

  • Was anyone else banned with the following message: "ban evasion"?

    Hello, I was playing normal and I miss the message that I have been banned, however I have not committed any act that violates or breaks the terms and conditions of the game, I am also an old player, why would I do something to damage my account ?

    the ban message I have is: "ban evasion".

    I don't know what it means, I looked in the forum and nothing, I sent several emails requesting information to albion online and I still have not had a response.

    My account has 710 million fame, it makes no sense for them to ban me, even worse for them to say that I did something against the game, I am not that stupid to do that, I just want to think that it is a mistake, but I would like at least an answer from someone in support. Thanks
  • Normally Ban evasion stay for. You got banned on Account X and use now Accound Z to Still play even if you are banned. So maybe you have another already banned account due botting/RMT/hacking or what ever. Or Easy Cheat again has some weird days. And even to use a Second fresh accounts to do bad stuff doesnt mean your big old main account is protected.