How about 1v1 Arenas? Time to create content for solo players.

    • How about 1v1 Arenas? Time to create content for solo players.

      there are 5v5 Arenas there are 5v5 10v10 Hell gates Crystal 5v5 Open World Ganking and Zergs i cant name one thing besides CD that may entail Actual Solo player Content, Heres an idea that i am not going to go into depth too much as it is pretty self explanatory.
      I Guarantee you.
      I Gurantee.
      By Adding a 1v1 Arena it will stop all the complaints with rats in Corrupteds and give individuals an Incentive to fight in an enclosed and Fixed arena where pure skills combat and builds are put to the test.
      Put a ranking system on it it could be similiar to corrupteds infamy system, it could be based on wins and win loss ratio, im sure it wouldnt be too hard to figure out.
      even if there are no rewards it will give SOLO players or players that are bored something to do. INFACT players that dont want to run into open world and lose all their loot can now enjoy a good old fashioned showdown fair and squared without having to worry about fighting Rats or losing Loot.

      Basically the same concept as 5v5 arena but for 1v1.
      Im sure if this idea gets enough support you should take a look at implementing it. What have you guys got to lose.? trial it on test servers if you have to im telling you its a good sales ploy it will attract many solo players it will bring back beta players. Who doesnt want to achieve the Pinnacle of Combat Glory?

      excuse my random capitalisations
      lets discuss

      and before you start mentioning Duels, Im Talking about an IP Capped system just like arena with a ranking system to display Notorious and and the most Famed 1 on 1 Combat fighters in the game. this is great content.

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