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      Overall, axes were indeed being overused on some content and and i expected some kind of nerf i guess, especially on Bear Paws and realmbreaker. The problem is that some of the tweaks are compromising the weapon’s fluidness and making it clunky especially for high ping players. Yeah sure I can take some damages nerfs, mobility nerfs, I think its fair, I AGREE. But you don’t have to crush the whole axe tree to the ground.

      The new Rending Spin is problematic for a lot of reasons, a huge part of the Albion community plays on 100+ ping and the fact that if you do not get your rending spin on the edge of your attack make it too punishing and risky to get this ability.

      This means that the change, instead of rewarding players for getting a perfect shot on the edge of the Q with bonus damage, the game now you punish players that can’t hit it consistently with a bleed reset that can turn the tides of a battle.

      And then the only option is to go for Rending Rage for AoE, it’s a fun skill on its concept but rarely picked because players hate stand time and chunkiness. The whole point of axes is how fluid the gameplay is and how fun is to cleave and give bleeds to everyone. But now i’m getting out of options on my Q because one is completely inconsistent at 100+ ping and the other is just not fun to play.

      My suggestion is to have the old rending spin back with maybe less AOE, or less damage. Rending rage could be improved by adding a dash each time you cast one Q or by removing stand time.

      On the other hand, i really liked the new adrenaline rush, it’s nice to have better chase potential and fair to have less reset potential. My only issue is that you only keep your buffs is you auto attack the enemy, i think it wwould make more sense if u keep the buff as long as you are attacking OR using abilities on an enemy. That way the skill would have a better interaction with gameplay in general while maintaining the concept of chasing instead of running, especially with great axe that cant use the w + e combo without losing the buff after 2,5 seconds.

      Feedback summary:

      Blood bandit feels great
      Greataxe feels great
      Bear Paws feels almost the same
      Adrenaline rush is great but could be better
      Rending Spin feels clunky and inconsistent
      Rending Rage not a good replacement

      I would love to hear your opinions on the subject
    • I was leveling axes prior to seeing the notes of the upcoming changes, I stopped doing so because I expected the nerfs would be very substantial. Rending spin is not just problematic for people with 100+ ping, I have and average of 30 ping while logged into the test server and I went to check things out to see if axes were worth playing even after the nerfs and the vampire strike/blood bandit change (I mainly played battleaxe).

      In my honest opinion, the change for rending spin was disastrous, I tried doing some solo dungeons to test it around, and I could not get 3 rending bleed charges on most enemies. Some I even hit with the outer range to try and apply the bleed, but it would simply not register as such and not apply it. If this does not even work with a lower ping, I believe it will be almost impossible to use with a higher ping.

      Rending Rage just does not cut it, even less with the damage nerf it had, as if it was even used before. The whole ability is problematic, it has no clear indication on how your combo is going if it will reset or not unless you keep watching the icon. The time to combo is a bit too shot and unless you are smashing that Q and loosing your auto attacks, you won't be able to land the 3, at least a visual cue on the character would help a bit to know the combo time. Range is not the greatest, and does not really feel fluid, I would not really use it.
    • Hitting with rending spin is easy if the other party is not moving. But when two parties are moving, good luck hitting them. The position and hit calculated when two parties are moving is not good, even before this change. And reducing range on top of that certainly does not help that.
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    • Borbarad wrote:

      Hitting with rending spin is easy if the other party is not moving. But when two parties are moving, good luck hitting them. The position and hit calculated when two parties are moving is not good, even before this change. And reducing range on top of that certainly does not help that.
      IF they're gonna make it super difficult to land it might as well be more rewarding. Damage should be increased so that even if bleed stacks are not generated, pressure is still applied.
    • Hit detection on the outer ring of rending spin is full blown wack, I could not even keep 3 stacks on dungeon mobs realiably, not even mentioning players.

      I guess the issue with rending spin is that it was applying too much AoE pressure with only minimal effort involved.
      The thing is that nerfing both the way of applying pressure (Rending spin) and the pressure mechanism (Rending bleed + Healing reduction) could prove disastrous for the whole weapon tree.
      IMO it should be either the hard to land rending spin with powerful bleeds and healing reduction or the easy to land rending spin with weak bleeds and healing reduction.

      Another bandaid fix would be to make all of the rending spin apply bleeds, of which the inner circle could only apply up to 2 stacks of bleed, while the outer could apply all 3. Not a good idea, as the skill is already mechanically loaded to the brim, but in it's current state it's clearly very weak.
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    • They made this change once in the past and everyone hated, so they reverted. Now they bring this change again, and people will hate it again. We want to keep people bleeding, if you guys think the skill is strong, nerf the damage, increase cooldown, or maybe reduce the range of the spin, but keep bleeding in all of it's radious, we just ask you that SBI.

    • I tried it on the test server and now im suffering in the live one, its imposible to make anyone bleed properly, with rending spin. Im a 150 ping player and used to not have a problem landing that or the W dagger skillshot but the hit dettection in rending spin is wacky as hell.
      Its feels bad to land, its feels even worse to land the "edge" and its depressing when you hit witht the handle (even if you see the person in the outer circle) and see how the bleed stacks resets and they heal happily.
      Also it feels counter intuitive that the new lovely life bandit cant be used properly as you CANT bleed multiple people (due to rending spin being sh*t) but you can E them aoe now.

      For short on the changes
      Great axe E: Good
      1h axe E: Good
      Weaker heal reduction: Distasteful but ok
      Rending spin: Worst thing ever happened to axe tree. Hit detect and hitbox need cvhanges and only bleed on edge should be re-though

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    • I'm gonna post in every single axe thread to just hammer home the point that the changes to Rending Spin were bad. To Daario's point, this was something they peddled to us a few Test server updates ago and it was ill received and scratched. Now it was back again and it was ill received this go around too, and yet they ship it anyways with the caveat that they will readdress later, which is not an awesome approach.

      In general, there's too much "rework" being done. Consequently, there's also too much "nerfing" and "buffing" being done. There needs to be more "tweaking". That is to say, need more fine-tuning what's currently in play without having to smash things into oblivion or exalt things into God tier.