2,029 accounts banned for third-party currency transactions

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    • Blenfjorn wrote:

      Shalako wrote:

      I would like to suggest that all but the worst RMTers be able to pay a fine for it, and SBI use the fine money to buy more/better servers and so on
      The worst RMTers actually are the ones who get away with it. There are RMTers who literally everyone in the community knows about that don't actually get banned.
      Careful, you might get warned for saying this and pointing the bear in the room
    • Deathskills wrote:

      Careful, you might get warned for saying this and pointing the bear in the room
      Well I didn't name any names. But I do find it sad that some people who are community leaders are allowed to RMT. Does the game think that they won't prosper if those few bad apples are banned? It's a great game and will do just fine without those few people. Nobody is going to quit the game because their leader took an RMT ban.
    • there is someone bit with me in something and i won it so he give me like 100m or 200m for that
      it was a big bit for us and after that i found the account banned
      so if i have video when we trade to the money with his name and all thing is recorded is the account will unbanned becuse i didnt know if he take the money from iilegall methods
    • wolfo70 wrote:

      Airi wrote:

      i mean how could you know it is RMT,maybe it just trade from friend to friend.
      Pepega take
      Honestly. This is retarded, there is no way for me to check if the silver other guy wants to trade me comes from legal source or not. Why would I get banned for accepting trades? I trade big amount of silver (100m+) between players and we record that and send ticket to support just to don't get falsely banned.

      I have donation box in the public hideout. What about it? I give people access so they can craft or escape gankers then can put whatever they want to the chest. So if someone is RMTing and bought let's say mammoth, then decided to donate it, why would I get banned for taking that item?

      (I never got banned for anything in my life, this is just an example)

      and meantime there are big RMTers that are getting away without any punishment, of course we've heard already that some amounts of silver are not relevant for the economy, great argument.
      Make HCE lvl 15+ BZ only