I lost my faction standing points.

    • I lost my faction standing points.

      Today I logged in because I wanted to buy elite mount cub and what surprised me was that I didn't have enough rank???. For the past three weeks i was grinding faction points to get elite mounts, I didn't spend all of the points at once because why should i ?

      It turns out it was a mistake because I should have, the devs introduced yet another stupid mechanic without informing the players. I lost about ~200-300k standing points without any notice.

      I want recompensation for not letting us know about this mechanic and losing profit.
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    • yeah everyone seems to lose 10% standing, which is such shit especially for caerleon its already so hard to get points as them.

      this is one big scam lost like 100k caerleon standing which is impossible to make back in a week unless you grind outpost with 7 man team 24/7 which is LAME AS HELL.
    • Same here.
      Top 1 FS and lost about 200k standing points which roughly corresponds to 600k faction points lost PER WEEK. I went down form 2m to 1,8m points (10%) - screens attached.
      It seems it is triggered by claiming weekly reward/logging in (looks like top 2 still has yet report to be claimed).
      First two weeks I did not loose any points so it seems it is a new thing.

      It would be common sense to get any information/description that players are going to loose points...yet I can't find anything like that in-game.
      @'Mytherceria' Can you look into this? Does it works as intended? Where can we find information about it?
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