I lost my faction standing points.

    • I lost my faction standing points.

      Today I logged in because I wanted to buy elite mount cub and what surprised me was that I didn't have enough rank???. For the past three weeks i was grinding faction points to get elite mounts, I didn't spend all of the points at once because why should i ?

      It turns out it was a mistake because I should have, the devs introduced yet another stupid mechanic without informing the players. I lost about ~200-300k standing points without any notice.

      I want recompensation for not letting us know about this mechanic and losing profit.
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    • Same here.
      Top 1 FS and lost about 200k standing points which roughly corresponds to 600k faction points lost PER WEEK. I went down form 2m to 1,8m points (10%) - screens attached.
      It seems it is triggered by claiming weekly reward/logging in (looks like top 2 still has yet report to be claimed).
      First two weeks I did not loose any points so it seems it is a new thing.

      It would be common sense to get any information/description that players are going to loose points...yet I can't find anything like that in-game.
      @'Mytherceria' Can you look into this? Does it works as intended? Where can we find information about it?
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