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      We know that we can take a loss on the faction prestige ranks, but I can't find, for the life of me, how the mechanics of the loss works. Is it an arbitrary amount each week? Can it be reduced my active play in faction warfare? I would like to know why I lost out on a rank and where to sink my time in game if my goal is to raise it without losing it.
      Please make the prestige ranks mechanics more transparent for players... or just me... cuz all those other guys will gut me and steal my stuff if given half an opportunity so, ya know, screw them. you devs got my info and I can keep a secret.
      Also please set Thetford on fire... for reasons.
      And Lymhurst.
    • Faction Standing Deterioration

      Well it's no secret (anymore) that faction standing deteriorates and people are pissed. Can you blame them though? Really? Of course not. It's pretty clear this 'feature' was not explicit enough, and taking away progression in an RPG is controversial enough... whatever. Let's look forward, I think we can still make this work.

      So the idea here from a game design perspective is clearly to wall off higher ranks behind a certain degree of dedication and to encourage continued play (also perhaps so people don't rush out to the 1.4m rank and then poop out elite mounts forever).
      There's also a certain lore component, in that when you fight for a group but all of a sudden stop they will eventually forget about you.
      Regardless of whether or not anyone agrees with these design goals, I think there's a better way to implement this.

      Primarily: losing progress isn't fun. This is a game, despite what anyone might think. Even if it's a job for some, the primary focus of game design should be to make mechanics fun.
      Secondly: the current system is tedious. Making the standing drop by a percent of total basically means people have to dedicate themselves specifically to factions to really get anywhere. If the rest of the game didn't require so much grinding that might be fine, but you really should have seen this outrage coming with how time intensive this game already is.

      I'd like to propose a solution that I think fixes both of these issues and preserves the original design goals with one fell swoop: you create a point (or standing) threshold that prevents standing deterioration.
      Make it like 30k standing a week. Enough that you have to spend a bit of time to punch it out, but not so much that you can't knock it out in one day if you're willing to really go at it. This means that people who are actively participating don't have to worry about losing ranks, and ensures they can't just sit on their hands. This also means the people losing standing are people who go entire weeks without flagging up, and likely won't complain about their rank dropping a bit.

      Let's get some community discussion going, I want to hear from you guys. Would this kind of change make you less mad about standing deterioration? If not, what kinds of solutions would you propose? Is there any theoretical form deterioration could take you'd accept?
      We all have a right to be mad, let's do something productive with it and be heard.
      Epic is the only way I know how...

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    • They were clear that rank would deteriorate for prestige ranks, that's not what pisses me off, it that I have no idea how the deterioration works, it wasn't at all explained. So I have random loss for arbitrary amount and no idea why its that much. they need to just explain how it functions better. I'm pretty sure the just offhand mentioned it in the call to arms patch notes and some random video.
      I could plan my game time better if I knew how dafuq it worked.
    • SBI dropped the ball pretty hard on this one. 10% is way too much and add in the fact that it was not clearly communicated AND that it effects ALL ranks, not just prestige... just a big failure altogether.

      5% should be the max decay and even that is high imho.

      Also- on a side note - why not add infamy decay as well? Might as well screw everyone over while you are at it SBI.
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