Returning player lost everything

    • Returning player lost everything


      I used to play this game like 1.5 half year ago. My friend gave me items which costed him a huge lot at that time. Idk about their prices right now. So i was in a city called carleon when i returned to the game today. All four directions were red zones so i wanted to go to a red or yellow zone immediately, some guy called Nick121321 killed me and stole all my items while i was transferring to a safer area. What can i do now? I have 1 gold and 100k silvers is it enough to get some decent gear again? My other gear was meta at that time and was actually so strong for a beginner. I also lost my exclusive mounts, can i get those skins from some kind of a merchant? I also had a lot of too important items in the bank in Carleon. But i dont see any of them right now! what s wrong? what am i gonna tell my friend who gave me lots so i could play? If there isnt an easy way to recover i will just quit the game without returning

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    • you're just going to have to tell your friend you lost all the expensive items he gave you trying to run through the red zone with them. but surely you knew that if you used to play? you can teleport outside of caer to a safe city if you want to get started again, if you have nothing equipped or in your inventory
    • In general if you were new, the items right now are extremely cheap. You will probably need to start again like, get new gear from the market and do some dungeons in safe zones while you acumulate some wealth, or gather some resources. I looked for your death/character/Nick121321 but didn't find any so I can't be sure the worth of what you lost.
      Im sorry about what you lost, and I hope you can recover.
      In the end, valuable lesson: don't use items you can't afford to lose. That's one of the biggest takes I can give you from the whole situation.
    • There is no way you had anything of actual real interest, given how haphazardly you threw it all away doing what you did. An actual player, with past experience, wouldn't have done what you claim to have done, given the nature of the game.
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