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      Who made the proposal? That person is a shortcut to destroying the Albion company.
      Moreover, because it is directly connected to money.

      On the first day of 10vs10 Hellgate, we was contacted 3 times, and for 6 hours, no contact was made.
      It just means that the only guild that goes around the 10vs10 Hellgate in Albion is our Helgator.
      Of course, the 5vs5 Hellgate is fun. This is because contact is possible and the strong and weak teams are mixed.
      But the 10vs10 Hellgate should be thought differently.
      Chests must exist in all rooms.

      Honestly, I don't like the now 5vs5 Hellgate. Even if Hellgate gave me 165k fame in the past, only a few people went around.
      How is it now?
      Even though the rewards were good, there is no pvp user itself, but Hellgate, who has to strengthen the basics, is this type.

      Call to Arms patch? You don't care about newbies?
      Are you always making plans only at the level of the deceased Feedback and on Twitch live broadcasts,
      everyone says that even the current upgrade is lacking, so do you think it's just because of their own gain?

      We are talking for newbies.
      Because we(Hellgator guild members) have gone only hellgate during 1 year.
      I want to tell the developers.
      Do you know Hellgate?
      Are you an expert? Are we experts?

      Even we(Hellgator guild members) don't want to go around these days, but what would other people think?
      If this was the only way we thought of it, not all users would have said it during Albion Twitch Live.
      This is not my own idea, but an idea that represents all of Hellgate users

      It shouldn't be for the expert users.
      For newbies who want to enter Hellgate, it need to more improving patch.
      If you're going to give feedback that you don't hear, don't do it.

      Raise it up. PVE fame and chest reward improvement. It is an order

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