Albion Online Mobile available in Germany now!

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    • Albion Online Mobile available in Germany now!

      Our mobile version will be launching in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store this summer! For now, you can be one of the very first to pre-register here for the official mobile versions. You’ll also receive a special reward for cross-platform play on mobile launch. Check out our news article for more details on this!

      For those of you based in Germany, we’re excited to announce that we’ve already launched the mobile versions there! This is so that we, as a company based in Germany, can more easily test the mobile version to prepare for the wider global release. Note that this version is still under development, so please continue to leave all feedback and report issues in our forum’s Mobile Version section.


      How do I play the mobile version of Albion Online in Germany?

      If you are based in Germany and have the respective region set in your App Store or Google Play Store, you can proceed with the download and installation process below:

      When will the mobile version be released in other countries?

      The global release will take place in Summer 2021 and the exact date will be announced at a later timing.

      You can pre-register for the global release here.

      Why are the prices for products higher in the mobile stores?

      Prices are higher in the mobile stores due to higher payment fees and currency conversions.

      To get the best price possible, you can always buy in the native desktop client or directly via our webshop.

      To use the webshop, go to the Albion website in your browser, log-in and click "Shop" on the top right corner. Buying directly through our website works on all devices and for all account types.

      Is there any difference between the mobile version and the PC version of the game?

      Albion Online is a cross-platform game and therefore the core experience on both versions is completely the same, apart from obvious differences in the control scheme and user interface.

      Will my game progress and in-game purchases be saved?

      All players, whether mobile or desktop, are playing the game on the same server. If you are an existing player, you can use the same account as before. There will be no resets and your game progress and in-game purchases will be saved.

      Which mobile devices can I play on?

      At least 3 GB of memory is required to run the mobile client. We cannot give definite lists of devices, due to the diversity of Hard- and Software used, however we have tried to exclude devices which are not able to run the game, as far as the respective platform allows.

      How can I stay up-to-date on the game?

      In addition to checking our website and forum for regular news and updates, you can also follow Albion Online on these channels:

    • Achaikos wrote:

      Do mobile players from germany get the chimera skin already ?


      The mount skin is a reward for cross-platform play once the full global release has happened. So players from Germany would need to log into both the mobile and desktop versions again after the full global launch, in order to qualify.

      Hope this helps!

      - Mytherceria

    • mihanim wrote:

      Two questions here:
      1. On what tablet device/s are you primary testing the game internally?
      2. Can we have a APK link for those who want to test outside Germany?


      We cannot give a definite list of devices for the first question, but in general, the devices meet the minimum requirements of having at least 3GB of memory and the specs stated on our Download page. There is also an apk file available for download on the same page which you can use to test the mobile version of the game.

      - Mytherceria

    • mihanim wrote:

      My question was more about the optimal way to play the game on Android. Right now I have a One plus 8 plus and a Galaxy tab S7 a d on both the controlls feel clunky and the galaxy tab even freezes periodically even in solo(corrupted) dungeons.


      The Galaxy Tab S7 should work with the game. You can try to change your settings to 30 FPS, low res and low settings to make it a smoother experience.

      - Mytherceria

    • Mytherceria wrote:

      mihanim wrote:

      Mi pregunta era más sobre la forma óptima de jugar el juego en Android. En este momento tengo un One plus 8 plus y un anuncio de Galaxy Tab S7 en ambos controles y la pestaña Galaxy se congela periódicamente incluso en mazmorras en solitario (corruptas).

      El Galaxy Tab S7 debería funcionar con el juego. Puede intentar cambiar su configuración a 30 FPS, baja resolución y configuraciones bajas para que sea una experiencia más fluida.

      - Mytherceria
      Me pasa lo mismo pero no se lo que pasó que desde la actualización no puedo mover ninguna de las configuraciónes de video solo me salen dos opciones y ni siquiera me sale para mover los fps de 30 a 60. Simplemente quedaron en 30 fijo y ya
    • Sorangelys wrote:

      Me pasa lo mismo pero no se lo que pasó que desde la actualización no puedo mover ninguna de las configuraciónes de video solo me salen dos opciones y ni siquiera me sale para mover los fps de 30 a 60. Simplemente quedaron en 30 fijo y ya

      (Translated from DeepL Translator)
      Hola, si te faltan los ajustes más altos, como los 60 fps, entonces esto puede significar que tu teléfono tiene 3GB de RAM o menos. La configuración más alta no aparece porque su teléfono puede no ser capaz de trabajar en 60 fps.

      (Original text)
      Hi, if you are missing the higher settings, like 60 fps, then this may mean that your phone has 3GB RAM or less. The higher setting does not appear because your phone may not be able to work on 60 fps.

      - Mytherceria