Advice for Ganking Builds with Bows??

    • Gankers often refer to their mobility skills as their bread and butter. It may be possible that you have enough damage with this build to dismount a player but chasing him and escaping afterwards is part of ganking as well.

      Therefore most gankers use weapons and shoes that can cover a lot of distance. Daggers, quarterstaffs, frost. Soldier boots, hunter shoes, miner or quarrier workboots on the shoe slot, these are just a few examples that are commonly used.

      Having a balance between offensive and defensive abilites can also be useful, druid robe and specter hood is likely a strong combo for pve activities but it will be hard to profit from it in a pvp scenario.

      - Hellements
    • A generic solo bow ganker build that isn't really in fashion but still can be pulled off would be:

      Warbow, mage cowl, assassin jacket, some sort of boots

      poison arrow, frost shot as skills, there should be some gameplay of this playstyle somewhere on youtube if you need inspiration.
    • Currently i'm enjoying to play a bannon build. It is kind of expensive, because some of the items are Corrupted Dungeon meta, but it is still fun.

      Im rocking: Caerleon Cape, Specter Hood, Mercenary Jacket, Demon or Soldier Boots and Bow of Badon.

      I manage to do some 1v3 and it is a strong build. The Badon E with the Jacket heals me to full in about 3 second if not counterd. Roaming Ava roads I manage to get some kills here and there and survive some ganking attempts, especially when i'm using demon boots. The knockback Q is strong when coupled with the cape and allows good kiting, even against groups. If u have the silver and want to try some different build, just give it a try.