Skill Bugged

  • Skill Bugged

    Helm Ability -20% Energy cost reduction does nothing..

    Tested with 3 different material helms with both weapon skills and armor skills. No cost reduction whatsoever. Seems to be a placeholder that literally does nothing.

    T4 Orb lvl 2... "team" bubble has a "team" range of .25 meters. 2 Second cast.. if you cast it on yourself, you only hit yourself. If you cast it on another player.. you run up to that player until you cover him up and then cast for a 2 man bubble. Not useable in ANY way
  • no it does not. Im not looking at the spell UI. As it says in my post, The actual skill does nothing. Tested many times at a cost of my silver for reforging.

    T4 Helm w/ 20% cost reduction
    Plate chest Reflect- kkill display 53... actual cost 53

    T4 Helm with 10% magic attack
    Plate chest Reflect- Skill display 53... actual cost 53


    T4 Helm w/ 20% reduction
    Cursed staff Skill Drain - Skill display 28... actual cost still 28

    T4 Helm w/ 10% magic attack
    Cursed staff skill Drain - Skill display 28... actual cost 28

    All these tests were performed with cloth/leather/plate helms. The actual cost was determined by ... watching the mana bar.