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      Yo devs, can you improve the animation in running while auto attacking in mobile because i have to stop to auto attack properly if i auto attack while running it cancels it even if i double click it and also i think there's a bug while casting a spell and pointing it sometimes it doesn't show any indication where it'll hit and if i release that spell it'll just hit randomly its like the bug in bear paws and realm breaker but only in mobile i think. And also i can't spam skills like in the pc version while using frost or fire weapon with casting speed bonus with my Q it'll cancel the animation if i tap the Q multiple times even if i wait for the animation bar the casting speed bonus will just run off before i could use it effectively. And im sure it'll the pvp experience in mobile if this issues is fixed and I don't know if im the only one experiencing this

      That's all, tnx, and im sorry if my english is bad, i just want to say the problems im facing while pvp'ng in mobile