The person who designed this pizza golem hates fun.

    • The person who designed this pizza golem hates fun.

      Can we take a moment to appreciate how little fun this mob is, how annoying it is to fight, how little thought went into making it? Absolutely annoying game design. Who would have thought people would have fun fighting mobs that force you to leash them and all the mobs around them by punching you back significantly out of their aggro radius.

      Either remove their knockback, decrease it to a reasonable distance, remove their spicy diarrhea preventing you from backing yourself against a wall, or increase leash distances back to their beta distance. I feel like 50% of the time I fight these dumb pizza golems I waste a significant amount of my time having to re aggro the entire mob pack.

      Picture related it's the brain child of Satan, the defect of morgana dungeons, the one and only pizza golem.

      Delete it. Seriously, it is the aids. :cursing: That goes for all mobs that leash themselves due to poorly thought out displacement mechanics
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