Looking for NA Fort Sterling based guild PVP focus with PVE content

    • Looking for NA Fort Sterling based guild PVP focus with PVE content

      Preferred non mandatory CTA. I have 1500+ ZvZ Dps builds. Consistent income. Maxed out high IP DPS builds for AVA. Just have RL obligations to fulfill, don't always have 3 hours to commit for mandatory CTAs but I do enjoy ZvZ when I have the time.
    • Wolf Warbands is looking for new, intermediate, and even experienced level players interested in joining a guild.
      Grow together with us. (Fort Sterling based)
      We are doing Faction Warfare ZvZ, HO in Ava Road. NO MANDATORY CONTENT FAMILY
      Twitch: twitch.tv/lost_gameplays[/url]
      YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UC3If2ajnP5zjA2cf6Zf2UvA
      Nontoxic, transparent, and fun guild to get social or get deep into the game in any way.
      We are a guild looking to have a great time with other players and make the most out of Albion Online group gameplay.
      Our clan's main goal is to create a community in which we can help each other grow and enjoy the most we can.
      Mid/Large Scale Warband, we consider everyone a friend and a comrade in battle.
      Daily Activities:
      Faction Fight ZvZ Daily
      Ava Raid and Temples
      Dungeons (Solo, Group, Hellgates)
      Black / Red Zone grouping and trips
      PVP / Ganking
      Teaching basics and advanced game tips.
      Gear improvement
      Social Gathering / Crafting
      Discord is a must
      No Fame Requirements
      Ingame Name: Scabaras [The Guild Leader], Nukexyt [Leadership]
      Guild Name: Wolf Warbands
      Alliance: Huge Honor
      Join our discord at discord.gg/TXUMBzF9yB