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      Fighting escalates, Hideouts at risk!

      Ever since the end of the vicious and hard fought campaign that saw BO ousted by the POE coalition from its traditional 12 - 21 UTC zones, the outlands that Fort Sterling acts as the gateway to have been in turmoil. The NOPE alliance taking over alongside POEKR many of those old BO zones while OUCH and DODGE arose around the portal zones. Now it would seem that this turmoil is heating up further, alliances have been made, diplomatic talks failed and tempers fanned by trash talk from all sides. Currently OUCH and M3R seem to have launched a small scale offensive against DODGE. BO meanwhile has faced a setback with POEKR raiding Fissure to take down a HO by surprise. Acts like these gives this humble reporter a lot of worry, could a real war be close to breaking out? Tensions have been constantly inflamed and now more then ever there's talk of new grand coalitions being formed and promises being made while the superpowers of the Outlands prepare for the next stages of this season's long struggle for hegemony in the Outlands.