Fishing Rewind Is Different On Different Devices

    • Fishing Rewind Is Different On Different Devices

      Hey! I might be found a some kind of bug while fishing on different devices. The thing is if you are fishing on windows pc the catch takes like 3 rewinds but when you are on mobile or mac computer it takes much more like 6 rewinds. Therefore this makes fishing on windows is much more easier and unfair. It is actually fine for me since i play on windows but this makes a really unfair environment for a multi-platform game. I know this is not like a major bug but i would really like to see this get fixed. Thank you for your interest in my thread in advance. Let's make fishing great again!
    • I will just pin myself to it as it is not possible for me with T7 fishing gear to catch T5 & T6 fish & T7 fish including rare catch. Surprisingly, it is easy to fish T8. This issue is on since the new update I have reported bugs in-game several times and nothing has been done...