Roll Back the Greataxe Nerf

    • Combat Balance
    • I agree. I think this is a bad change for Greataxe. First, I really do not like this new theme of conditional damage for PVE and PVP. I hate it, actually. It is so lazy and arbitrary, and just poor design. But, I have liked the idea of reducing the spin time on Whirlwind for sometime, but not in this fashion.

      In all honesty, the weakness of Whirlwind was always that it was interruptable. Now, this was compensated by the fact that if you do manage to get the full spin time, you were rewarded handsomely with big damage. And, that was kind of the risk versus reward for the weapon.

      Now, the idea to shorten the spin time but increase the damage is an interesting take. Because you still have the risk of getting interrupted but being interrupted is less of big deal because you get more burst, and the trade-off could be some small amount of mobility loss as the result of half the spin time.

      But, in this current state, they add in the uninterruptable, which is kind of unnecessary but then for the trade-off, they reduce the damage and bump of the cooldown, which effectively makes the uptime of this E significantly less. In my opinion, they should do the following:

      • Channel time: 4.5s > 2.5s
      • Damage per tick: 50 > 75
      • Cooldown: 20 > 18

      This is all that needs to change. Just keep Whirlwind as it is today but make everything happen in half the time. With the changes above. It's the same DPS and it's the same skill uptime. The only difference is you get more burst, but you sacrifice some mobility.