Combat locked for trying to escape is unfair

    • Combat Balance

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    • Combat locked for trying to escape is unfair

      Using "escape" abilities when ganked makes you more likely to die, because of combat lock.
      The fact that those abilities exist is just a bait for new players, to get killed before they learn not to use them.
      If i survived the gank and got to portal, it should work.
      Every time i die i just stand at portal and wait.
      Are gankers so bad they need the game to lock me in?

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    • If you will not combat lock people, who use something on other players it will provide a wide field for toxic hit-and-zone gameplay which will have no counter play.
      Imagine emergency squad with wind walls which always save allies and helps them reset and safely zone out after it in any time. Or damage reflection squad near portal, who goes in AOE spells on purpose, but when becomes low on health - immediately zone out.