Geeked Up Recruiting (Brand New Guild)

    • Geeked Up Recruiting (Brand New Guild)

      Geeked Up Now Recruiting!!!!

      Established in April of 2021, we are looking to bring a new and exciting experience for both new and veteran players. Before filling out a recruitment form, there's a couple things you need to read over. This not not your typical 100+ member guild, looking to concur all of Albion. Instead, we are focused on building a 50 member max guild that will become a close-knit crew looking for take part in, factions, fame farms, ganking and small zvz battles.

      We want to create an environment where members or not just a number, but everyone has a special role and place. We are hoping not only can we create a fun guild for Albion, but a community where we can experience other games together. If this sounds like the guild for you, please read the rules below and head to our recruitment form to fill out an application.

      Established April 14th 2021

      Based in Martlock

      Aiming to do daily faction runs, fame farms and ganking

      8% tax ( can go up with 15-20% while preparing for an event)

      New players and veterans both welcome

      50 member max guild

      Looking for bother members and officials

      Faction will be our main focus, but willing to help any play style

      If this sounds like the guild for you, please fill out an application on our discord.