Which healing staff to use?

    • Right now holy is superior to nature in every content, sadly.
      For PvE 1 handed Holy, Divine and Halllowfall are extremely good. Hallowfall is also the BEST PvP healing staff in every content except for ZvZ, where Fallen Staff is king.
      Nature staff is good in PvE (not as good as holy) and is pretty solid in small - medium scale PvP. For organized 5vs5 it lacks the awesome traits Hallowfall has, tho. The Nature ones you may look at are: 1 handed nature/Ironroot/Wild Staff for PvE, 1handed nature/blight for small/medium scale pvp, Wild Staff for large scale PvP. In 5vs5 1 handed nature is the one "used" but sadly is not as good as holy.
      Note, tho, in the NDA Patches Nature is recieving some nice buffs and Hallowfall some nerfs, but only time will say if Nature gets good enough to compete or not.
    • the SOLO pvp nature mains were complaing about the thorns nerf on nature a while ago

      but i was correct on my mark where the devs wanted to buff the healing power of nature to be able to compete with holy

      just look at all those healing buffs. tell me it will not become viable as a HEALER. and only played as a HEALER. a proper healer and not nature thorns in the middle of fking arena

      pardon my language. having a nature healer in arena with thorns on Q really riled me up today
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