Overcrowded cities, have anyone suggested this?

    • Overcrowded cities, have anyone suggested this?

      So, I know many players are annoyed by the insane overcrowded towns, myself included.

      As from what I have read, the general suggestion to solve this is to make everything instanced(Which in my opinion would be better than what we have now, since now you basicly just get zoned into an instance where you are all by youself and thats kind of lame. But that is not the topic of this thread).

      What I thought however, is that we have solutions to these problems in reallife too where instancing aint a problem. And it really breaks down to the same thing that breaks the emersion for players when towns are so crowded. Nowhere would there be living so many in so small towns.

      I think the cities should be scaled up. Also if you are going to enter something it would make much more sense(except for caerleon and perhaps bridgewatch) to have and actual bank building that you enter rather than a hole in the ground. In such a bank or auctionhouse there could be 5 or perhaps even as many as 10 bankers or auctioneers in a sizable building where the crazy amount of players would make sense.

      Thought i'd just throw that out there. I know it would mean alot of work and there is probably alot more immediate fixes that need attention. It just seems weird to me that these bandaid fixes that were ment to handle the immense pressure at the games release never get a solid permanent fix to it.
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    • I agree completely. I would love to see a complete revamp of the 5 Royal Cities and 5 Towns on the Royal continent (and beyond) An introduction of player apartments that could be bought and owned as a cheaper, smaller alternative to an Island, you could have different tier options and spread them across the city map. I actually really like how (when it isn't over-crowded) the cities in Albion do feel busy, there just needs to be more reasons for people to move around and interact with it and each other. Rework the market aesthetic so that you have multiple nodes. Same market but the current single access node with everyone on top of each other doesn't look great. An addition of City-specific Arenas and a range of other buildings could be great. So many possibilities.

      Fighting pits, where you could access any gear in the game and play about with it in duels or against PVE opponents to test it out?
      Town performers. We already have beggers, why not allow for some fun character skills to be developed, like juggling, magic tricks? :D
      Sitting areas. Have tables and chairs in Inns and around town that your character can sit at with others. Have x2, x5 x10 tables. Would be great for finding groups or partners for adventures or dung-runs and you could add a "Table" chat tab so you could message the person who sits at the table with you.
      Player-owned shops, similar to HO or Guild Island markets. Be able to sell your own stuff at your own shop in the city and create specific advantages to selling it at your own shop compared to the general market.
      Introduction of Question lines. Starting from different parts of the city. The guildhall would be a good place again, to give a reason to go there.

      I suppose it all just comes down to priorities and resources. There are just times that I feel like the development team is becoming bogged down in meta adjustments rather than creating pure content and adding things to the game. I like Call to arms and Faction Flagging and being able to jump into mass PVP quickly has been a big improvement. I suppose I just want MORE!! :D
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