Instant battle over Terris

    • Instant battle over Terris

      Well i would love to get instant battles for Terris
      or 100v100 depending on the terri we could also have both or mabey change the numbers

      Problem i have whit cluster que:
      -priority 2, 3, 4 ,.... = no fighting today
      -only works aslong as que is below 100 players queing for battle
      -if multipl.. zones are qued you probably wont even get into any battle (cluster fiesta)
      -just a bad system since there to many people at those huge political fights

      good thing about instant battle:
      - no more queing
      - kinda denies mass lanching / could also be a bad thing ... mabey we increase guild member size
      - no more slave abuse by using people as cluster material!
      - instant battle = epic fights imagine a 100v100 were you die - instant respawn take new set and go again no more running back just to sit in a que ... it would be just like in a 20 v 20 take set go again
      -dies terri fight ratting